Webinar on Youth Self Employment and Role of Renewable Energy

On Sunday May 24, 2020, renewable Energy Confederation of Nepal (RECON) with National Association of Rural Municipalities in Nepal (NARMIN) organised a webinar on Youth Self Employment and Role of Renewable Energy. The online event was a part of Green and Inclusive Energy Programme (also known as GIE Nepal Project) organised with aim to support government and concerned agencies in formulating policies and set programmes in solving employment issues.

Former Minister Mr. Suredra Pandey threw a strong light on present scenario: how COVID 19 pandemic has impacted to the world and to our country Nepal. The economy of the world has been impacted badly by this pandemic. According to IMF (International Monetary Fund, Economy of Nepal will be shrink by 3% and this impact will be more serious. IMF forecasted that it will take up to the end of 2022 to come all this loss to the normal condition, he added. The lockdown has a negative site to the economic growth rate of the country which will hampered in budgeting. Revenue is the main factor which is look upon while doing budgeting. Not only Nepal but the world is facing this crisis. Mr. Pandey was explaining all this facts he added renewable energy can play a crucial role in solving all this issues by claiming that without energy prosperity is not possible and renewable sectors can uplift both energy and efficiency.

Former Minister Er. Ganesh Shah highlighted on the COVID 19 crisis and urged to maintain healthy environment and stable energy supply. He stressed on self-enterprise can create employment opportunities. For this there should be a facility of low interest loan to every citizen and capacity building opportunities.

Dr. Bishnu Prasad Gautam, Executive Director of Youth and Small Entrepreneur Self-Employment Fund through PPT presentation elaborated research based facts on employment scenario. He said it is important to make people realize that every work is equal. It is also crucial to uplift the enterprises status and maintain strong value chain linkage.

President of NARMIN Mr. Hom Narayan Shrestha, in his remarks, said that we all are equally responsible to implement it into action. He urged everyone not to limit themselves for their personal benefits. It’s a high time for every one of us to work for each other. Nature has given us this opportunity, let’s utilize it. Let’s make all the youth to contribute back to the native land,what should be turned to a force to uplift the economy status of the own country.

The webinar was organised as part of GIE Nepal Project.