Access of community/users to energy and development perspective by enabling private sector through coordinated approach in promoting innovative, reliable and affordable alternative.

In carrying out the vision and mission, RECoN is working with following objectives,

  1. forging consolidated efforts to develop private sector associations as reliable organization in supplying and delivering renewable energy technologies
  2. forging unity among private sector to better deliver, supply and service to the end users

  3. enhancing cooperation among government agencies, donors, development partners, INGOs, NGOs and relevant institutions and individuals,

  4. organizing the Think Tank Group of experts, intellectuals and academia for their valuable input for better implementation of alternative energy technologies,

  5. working together with various organizations to help achieve SEforAll, Sustainable Development Goals specially Goal No. 7, Clean Cooking Solutions by lobbying and advocacy,

  6. working together with various organizations to help community / users to get alternative energy suitable technologies,

  7. planning to work together with various organization to help community / users to get energy access simplifying connections to banks and financial institutions.