Renewable Energy Confederation of Nepal (RECON) is a common forum of associations of private sector involved in supply and delivery of alternative energy systems and services and NGOs involved in promotion of alternative energy in Nepal. It works as an umbrella organization of associations of private sector who are committed to lobby and advocacy and are highly dedicated in enabling environment to safe guard the rights and wellbeing of professionals and practitioners involved in renewable energy value chain.

Eight institutions, such as, Nepal Biogas Promotion Association (NBPA), Nepal Micro Hydropower Development Association (NMHDA), Rural Technology Promotion Association Nepal (RuTPAN), Solar Electric Manufacturers Association Nepal (SEMAN), Solar Thermal Association Nepal (STAN), Water and Energy Consultants Association Nepal (WECAN), Biogas Sector Partnership Nepal (BSP-Nepal) and Resource Management and Rural Empowerment Centre (REMREC) had joined the confederation. The confederation plans for wider partnerships in the sector to extend more and help all stakeholders to well grow, so as more such institutions are expected to join RECON. Biomass Energy Entrepreneurs Associations Nepal (BEEAN) and Group of wind energy experts and entrepreneurs are also with RECON. Likewise, a large number of academia, government, non-government and private sector based experts, professionals, practitioners and entrepreneurs are supporting RECON activities.     

Before the formal registration, RECON was active as Renewable Energy Coordination Committee (RECC) for six years in strengthening the private sector dedicated to available renewable energy technologies to the users and users' communities.

In the year 2017, RECON had successfully conducted a number of activities on RE Movement with aim to support policy making authorities, regulating authorities, implementing authorities and private sector entrepreneurs in supply and service business in enhancing the future of RE Movements in the country with the set goals of Sustainable Energy Development Goals, Sustainable Energy for All, Clean Cooking Solutions and also well addressing the need of single women, women headed households, differently able, poor and marginalized group of people to get access to modern energy technologies.

In the year 2018, the confederation had organized various activities of interactions, discussions to exchange knowledge and experience of politicians, policy makers, planners, professionals, practitioners including academia and experts with view to support formulating supportive guidelines, rules and regulations of renewable energy technology make effective and people oriented. The activities include raising voice of RE private sector in international conferences held in Nepal such as International Conference on Development of Renewable Energy Technologies 2018 (ICDRET 18) and Renewable Energy Technologies for Rural and Urban Development 2018 (RETRUD 18). Financing issues on RE promotion was one of the important issues RECON raised while renewable energy for micro, small and cottage industries was another agenda to provide clean and easier energy solutions in the workplaces and entrepreneurs.

Since 2017, RECON is has been working with Green and Inclusive Energy Nepal Programme which is also known as GIE Nepal Project as one of the consortium partners. The partnership is continued for the 2020 as well. Lobby and advocacy activities to influence politician, policymakers and planners in formulating favourable and practicable policies so as women, underprivileged communities, disable and poor people to get easier access to renewable energy systems so as their socio-economic status to be upgraded is one of the focus agenda of RECON. So as clean cooking solution for healthy household, drudgery reduction, employment opportunities are main aspects taken into focus.

RECON has been putting efforts in forging synergy with the institutions engaged in studies, research, development, implement, capacity building and finance for growth of RETs in the country. As such, with view to extend and exchange cooperation, the confederation had signed MoUs with Municipal Association of Nepal (MuAN), National Association of Rural Municipalities in Nepal (NARMIN), Federation of Nepalese Cottage and Small Industries Nepal (FNCSI) and Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC). Likewise, an MoU with Xihua University (Chendu, People's Republic of China) also has been signed for wider cooperation in study, research and knowledge exchange between Nepalese and Chinese academia and experts for promotion of RETs.       

Learning through programmes the confederation carried out in 2019 and earlier, RECON plans activities focussing some crucial areas. RE for Agriculture, RE for Connectivity, RE for Growth and RE Financing are the focus areas while capacity building has been identified as another important tool for the expected growth of RETs for benefit to all. So as to carry out activities in said areas RECON will be collaborating with GOs, INGOs, NGOs, BFIs, academia, experts, professionals and private sector and all.       

In short to state, RECON is set to collaborate with stakeholders, relevant institutions and individual experts and professionals to the success of nation's spirit on 'Every House : Energy House', 'The Decade of Energy BS 2075 - 85, Prosperous Nepal Happy Nepalis and so on.