Renewable energy technologies such as Micro hydro, Solar PV and Thermal, Bio-gas, Bio-mass, Wind have been introduced with target to avail energy access to rural population mainly where electricity through national grid transmission is not available. Despite of interventions people residing in the mountains, hills, valleys and even the Terai plains still lack such facilities at a minimum level. The effort is still on to provide energy access to all.

However, Nepal's experience and achievements in promotion of renewable energy technologies is appreciable. The knowledge and experience sharing with experts from the country and abroad is one big opportunity. Likewise, receiving the knowledge and experience of other countries may be useful for Nepal to take into account in process of renewable energy promotion in the coming days.   

The statement of RETRUD-18 states that the strategies for continuous development of Renewable Energy Technology (RET) for socio-economic development and environmental sustainability have been at the forefront of global ‘development discourse’ for past several decades. It has become an important global agenda especially since climate change issues have taken centre stage in the domestic and international policy arena. Because we all share the same planet, global climate change issues are a concern not only for industrialized nations, but also for the least developed countries as it will affect every sphere of society, environmental niche, region of the globe and will reshape human-environment systems as never experienced before. With the increasing global awareness of the negative consequences of climate change amidst ever-increasing urban population, a dramatic increase in energy demand and price, the need for continuous innovations and inventions in RET for promoting a sustainable energy mix and harnessing fundamental energy resources has become the global necessity more than ever.

Taking the spirits of the statement, stakeholders need to be collaborating in a way or other to support the noble initiations for noble cause. Thus, Renewable Energy Confederation of Nepal (RECON) planned a supportive activity for the success of RETRUD-18.  

The confederation also had assisted successfully conduction of International Conference on Development of Renewable Energy Technology 2018 (ICDRET 18) organised by Kathmandu University - School of Engineering (KU - SOE). Coordination of pre-event activities and coordination to media were the RECON role in context of its assistance to ICDRET 18.

The Institute of Engineering(IOE), founded in 1930 (1987/11/19BS) as Nepal’s first technical school and reformed to present shape  in 1972,  is producing outstanding  engineering technicians and engineers for more than 80 years. The tradition of excellence in the IOE is further intensifying in the course of time. IOE is also becoming more and more responsive to the ever-changing needs of the students and the engineering profession. The Institute of Engineering is enormously benefited by the wide range of perspectives and talents brought in by the students, faculty and staff from a variety of backgrounds. IOE visioned to became the center of excellence, both as think tank-premier national center of engineering education capable of addressing national engineering issues and as regional hub-South Asian center for research, innovation and dissemination of engineering knowledge. It is true that quality is achieved only with creating excellence in; work, work environment, human resources, etc. Besides, creation of financial sustainability and uplifting institute in international level are other areas to attain the quality. IOE is committed to develop conducive environment for all the stakeholders to fulfill their respective roles. The work done today and tomorrow will have very long-term benefits that will truly change the world, IOE states.

International Conference on Renewable Energy Technology for Rural and Urban Development (RETRUD-18) organised by Tribhuwan University - Institute of Engineering with Alternative Energy Promotion Centre in Kathmandu in the October, 2018 was one opportunity for RECON and similar organisations. The event has been expected to be instrumental in (i) sharing knowledge on the renewable energy for addressing the issues related to climate change mitigation and adaptation, (ii) working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG-7) and Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) by ‘ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all’ through the continuous development of RET, (iii) creating an international platform for exchanging ideas and information dissemination in the field of RET.

Notably, the Green and Inclusive Energy Programme - Nepal Project through Centre for Rural Technology Nepal (CRT-N) for provided financial support to this international event.