Interaction on RE and Bio-fertilizer for Agriculture

On the occasion of Rastriya Dhaan Diwas 2075

Interaction on RE and Bio-fertiliser for Agriculture 


RETs have been appreciated in agriculture sector in irrigation. The Solar PV Pumping has been a success in Nepal. The agriculture land remained sans irrigation facility may be added for better cultivation and crops.

The agriculture bio-products are useful in generating energy as using for bio-gas making, and converting to fuel pallets and briquettes, for waste to energy as well.

These available technologies can uplift the income of farmers and their living quality.

Addressing the reasonable level of assistance to marginalised group in the communities is also to be considered.

The RECoN organised interaction on RE for Agriculture 2018 will be successful discuss on the subject matters as stated above. The essences as the outcome of the event will be recorded, compiled and submitted to concerned agencies with view to well consider in formulating improved policies, plans and programmes.

As such, RECoN requests experts and entrepreneurs from all quarters to actively participate the event for the desired outcome.