Interaction and Discussions on Enhancing Financial facilities to RE Movement

Renewable Energy Confederation of Nepal (RECON) has been putting efforts on sensitizing RE experts, entrepreneurs, professionals, academia, policy makers, financial institutions and concerned stakeholders on promotion of RETs for socio-economic sectors RE for Individual HHs/ Communities, Agriculture, Education, Health services, Micro, Small and Cottage industries, Other industries, Transportation and so on realizing the important role of RETs in Environment, Climate Change, Gender, Social inclusion issues, economical activities and growth. The Confederation, in the past also had conducted similar events and put forward the outcomes to concerned authorities to appropriately address.

Keeping in view, the same agenda in changed context, RECON is organised Interaction and Discussions on Enhancing Financial facilities to RE Movement where valuable experiences, ideas and thoughts were

expressed by the respectable experts and participants.

Prof. Dr. Jagan Nath Shrestha, Mr. Manu Binod Aryal and Mr. Uddhab Silwal elaborated the importance and further activities on the subject matter through Power Point Presentations. Mr. Aryal, Manager the Central Renewable Energy Fund and CA Mr. Silwal presented on the subject matters on current practice of financing on RETs and Possibility needfulness of equity investment in RETs in the present context respectively.   

President of RECON Guna Raj Dhakal said that finance for RE has been a big challenge and we should be able to operationalise available financial resources working with all institutions including, public organisations, non-government organisations, private sector and financial institutions.

A Memorandum of Understanding between Renewable Energy Confederation of Nepal and Federation of Nepalese Cottage and Small Industries to collaborate and coordinate renewable energy systems to micro, small and cottage industries in the country where such industries are not accessed to modern form of energy. However, it is agreed that only some locations will be taken into consideration at beginning.

Officiating President of FNCSI Umesh Prasad Singh, on the occasion, said that the cooperation between RECON and FNCSI will bridge the gaps of energy access to micro, small and cottage industries. The collaborative efforts will contribute to replace traditional form of energy by renewable energy such as micro-hydro, solar and other systems.

Former Minister and Coordinator of RECON Advisors' Committee Ganesh Shah mentioned that financial issues have been urgent to workout son so as RE Movement could take a desired spirit and speed. Other speakers including Dr. Indira Shakya, Dr. Purushottam Shrestha, Mr. Kiran Gautam, Mr. Dharma Raj Poudel expressed the view stressing financial resources could support RE aspects in various sub-sectors such as households, communities, institutions, industries, micro-small-cottage industries, agriculture, education, health, communication, transportation and so on.

The programme was organised as a Green and Inclusive Energy Nepal Programme (GIE Nepal Project) at Indreni de Cafe, Tinkune, Kathmandu.