Water and Energy Consultants' Association, Nepal (WECAN) was founded in September 14, 2009 (BS 2066-05-29). It is registered in District Administrative Office in Kathmandu. The need of such an organization was realized largely to address the issues and problems faced by the consultants in a unified way. Thus ' WECAN ' indicates the excellence in unity. An eleven member Executive Committee is entrusted to lead the organization effectively. WECAN has already Fifty Six registered members.

Water and Energy Consultants Association , Nepal (WECAN)

Kupandole, Lalitpur, Nepal
GPO Box : 8973, NPC 585
Tel: 01-5546792, 01-5011213,
9851100118, 9851070202, 9851001008
Email: info@wecan.org.np
Web: www.wecan.org.np