Energy Catalyst round 8 Virtual Marketplace

Energy Catalyst round 8 Virtual Marketplace organized by UK Innovate

All webinars were recorded and have been uploaded here

Presentation slides are available here:

The Energy Catalyst Round 8 competition paper for reference:

 Energy Catalyst round 8: clean energy access, feasibility projects:


There is lots on eligibility and scope in the link above. As a summary, to be eligible for funding you can be from any country. If you are an international organisation you must partner with a UK administrative lead and must be a business, research technology organisation (RTO)academic organisation, charity or public sector organisation. International organisations must partner with a UK registered administrative lead. If you are a UK SME, you can apply on your own. Your project must involve a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME), from anywhere in the world, either as a technical lead or consortium member.

Further, organising an Energy Catalyst (Round 8) Briefing Event on Mon, 29 June 2020 (13:45 NPT) for which participants need to register in advance here