Renewable Energy Confederation of Nepal (RECON) is a common forum of associations of private sector involved in supply and delivery of alternative energy systems and services and NGOs involved in promotion of alternative energy in Nepal. It works as an umbrella organization of associations of private sector who are committed to lobby and advocacy and are highly dedicated in enabling environment to safe guard the rights and wellbeing of professionals and practitioners involved in renewable energy value chain.


The confederation has been successful in targets to achieve by mobilizing all accessible sources and expertise within it and receiving support from the stakeholders, experts, professionals, media and so on.

The confederation has carried out activities in the past years on forging consolidated efforts to develop private sector associations as reliable organization in supplying and delivering renewable energy technologies. Following 7 are the prime agenda RECON drove with.

  1. forging consolidated efforts to develop private sector associations as reliable organization in supplying and delivering renewable energy technologies,

  2. forging unity among private sector to better deliver, supply and service to the end users,

  3. enhancing cooperation among government agencies, donors, development partners, INGOs, NGOs and relevant institutions and individuals,

  4. organizing the Think Tank Group of experts, intellectuals and academia for their valuable input for better implementation of alternative energy technologies,

  5. working together with various organizations to help achieve SEforAll, Sustainable Development Goals specially Goal No. 7, Clean Cooking Solutions by lobbying and advocacy,

  6. working together with various organizations to help community / users to get alternative energy suitable technologies,

  7. planning to work together with various organization to help community / users to get energy access simplifying connections to banks and financial institutions.

RECON had worked with Alternative Energy Promotion Centre, National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), GIZ Nepal, KfW, ICIMOD and Ministry of Energy, Water Resource and Irrigation, Practical Action Nepal and other prominent entities. So as RECON has been working with Green and Inclusive Programme (GIE Nepal Project) which is one of the important and landmark activities. Being one of the partners of GIE Nepal Project since 2017 and continued in 2020 as well, RECON has been involved in lobby and advocacy activities to influence politician, policymakers and planners in formulating favourable and practicable policies so as women, underprivileged communities, disable and poor people to get easier access to renewable energy systems so as their socio-economic status be upgraded. Clean cooking solution for healthy household, drudgery reduction, employment opportunities are main aspects taken into focus.


The confederation has been putting efforts in forging synergy with the institutions engaged in studies, research, development, implement, capacity building and finance for growth of RETs in the country. As such, with view to extend and exchange cooperation, the confederation had signed MoUs with Municipal Association of Nepal (MuAN), National Association of Rural Municipalities in Nepal (NARMIN), Federation of Nepalese Cottage and Small Industries Nepal (FNCSI) and Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC). Likewise, an MoU with Xihua University (Chendu, People's Republic of China) also has been signed for wider cooperation in study, research and knowledge exchange between Nepalese and Chinese academia and experts for promotion of RETs.


It is worthwhile mentioning that RECON had successfully conducted the UNCFD funded visit programme of Ethiopian RE experts and professional to Nepal in December, 2019. It had organised interactions, meetings at different institutions and field visits. The visitors took opportunities to learn RE movements in Nepal focussing on policy, finance and deployment of technologies. They also shared similar experiences of their country to Nepalese experts and professionals amidst an event during the visit.

RECON emphasizes on extending support to create access of electric cooking to the low income bracket people of the country specially the resident of remote locations of hills, mountains and plains. So as upgrading the fuel to improved cook stoves to use briquettes and pallets will be brought into attention of planners and professionals. Similarly, with view to introduce Ethanol Fuelled Cooking Stove to introduce as one of clean cook solution RECON and SIMI Stoves of UK are conducting a users/ response studies in different geographic locations in Nepal in the near future.

In 2019 and earlier years, the confederation carried out different activities focussing some crucial areas. With learning from the experience of past years RECON plans to conduct activities on RE for Agriculture, RE for Connectivity, RE for Growth and RE Financing. Working with all 3 level of governments to support and share knowledge is also equally important agenda while capacity building has been considered as an vital tool as well. As such, RECON is putting efforts on collaborating with national and international institutions working on climate changes issues, pollution free environment, organic agriculture, poverty alleviation with maximum intervening of RETs making accessible, available and affordable. To make the lobby and advocacy movements to the desired results in policies, plans and programmes RECON will gather support from prestigious, reputed and newly introduced stakeholders to collaborate the national level meetings, interactions and workshops in the year 2020 and beyond.