Renewable Energy Confederation of Nepal (RECoN) is a common forum of associations of private sector involved in supplying and delivering alternative energy service and NGOs involved in promotion of alternative energy in Nepal. It works as an umbrella organization of associations of private sector who are committed to lobby and advocacy and are highly dedicated in creating enabling environment to safe guard the rights and wellbeing of professionals and practitioners involved in renewable energy value chain. Renewable Energy Confederation of Nepal (RECoN) has been registered at District Administration Office Kathmandu as a non-profit non-government organisation.

Before the formal registration, RECoN was active as Renewable Energy Coordination Committee (RECC) for six years in strengthening the private sector dedicated to available renewable energy technologies to the users and users' communities. The people residing at remote hills, mountains, high mountains and even Terai and urban areas are benefitted with the technologies availed.

The organisations associated with RECoN had contributed extensively in successfully accomplishing the RE jobs in the past. After being organised as RECoN the private sector is coming out with fresh commitments. The RECoN activities are also to cater the need of collective efforts of public and private sector and even other stakeholders.